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About ME

Dear Mr./Mrs.


I, Karina , The Senior Business Manager of Wigs 360, writing this letter to you to propose a business collaboration with the hope that you will approve it and that we can begin working together. 


Wigs 360 offers a full selection of wigs/cranial prosthesis, catering to every purpose and situation. We specialize in cancer related and alopecia cases. Our building caters to people with physical disabilities, offering wheelchair accessibility, elevators and off-street parking in a safe environment located at the Saint Pavilion. The address is 380 Red Lion Road, Suite #237, Huntington Valley, PA 19006.


We offer one-on-one appointments to our clients to ensure privacy, and at the same time allows us to give a patient undivided attention and cater to their personal needs. We speak English and Russian.


We are passionate and committed to supporting confidence and body image as we are committed to making a true difference in women’s lives. We build relationships on honesty and respect with consumers and partners. We are open and respectful to everyone. We respect uniqueness and individuality, and we address it accordingly.


We accept Aetna and Cigna health insurance.


Best regards,


Karina Agababyan

Senior Business Manager of Wigs 360

380 Red Lion rd. Suit 237

Huntingdon Valley PA 19006

267 767 5608

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